Caledonian Decking Products

Caledonian Decking is part of the Sash UK group, having recently celebrated over 50 years of manufacturing. Caledonian Decking has grown from a department within Sash UK, to a company in its own right, within the Sash UK Group.

Caledonian Decking is now considered to be one of the largest alternative, low maintenance, decking suppliers in the industry. Respected both nationally and internationally for designing and producing innovative, premium quality PVCu and WPC products. Our core business is the creation and development of established market leading Fencing and Decking products.

It’s simply astonishing how something so revolutionary can look so immediately at home. A seemingly plain space is suddenly an oasis of peace and tranquillity, and it’s all thanks to Caledonian Decking. Caledonian Decking is changing the way that people view and use their outdoor area, starting by eradicating the hassle that comes with its wooden counterparts.

A Caledonian Decking deck is truly a sanctuary for any occasion. This world may seem like a million miles away, but it could be waiting for you. Caledonian Decking offers you the chance to add a stunning dimension to your park home and your life. It will keep giving for years to come and is always ready and waiting.